Q:     How are readings done?
A:     Readings are done primarily through video via YouTube. Once you have purchased a reading, a private link to the video which only you can view will be sent via email. Readings by phone or in-person are strictly by appointment. Please contact me prior to payment to find a mutually convenient time for the reading.

Q:     Why video readings? Isn't it better if I pick the cards myself?

A:     While other clients prefer to pick the cards themselves to infuse the deck with their own personal energies, the message of Spirit to you will be the same even if I pick the cards because I channel your Higher Self while doing so.

Video readings are simply more efficient resolving issues surrounding schedules of both the reader and client; less hassle of traffic when getting to the reading place, in person; and more privacy for the client and less distraction for the reader than when the reading is done in a public place. Also, clients can access their readings at a time and place convenient for them and they can replay their readings as much as they want.

Q:     Are all readings done by video?

A:     No. Shorter readings such as the One Question Reading, One-Card Pull and Three-Card Pull may be sent via-email, FB messenger or Viber, together with a photo of the resulting spread. Longer readings which require lengthier explanation of how the cards interplay will have to be done via video or phone.

Q:    What is the turnaround time for a reading that I've purchased?

A:    Generally, it will be 3-7 days for a reading to be delivered to you, but I will endeavor to get your reading to you at the soonest possible time. It may take longer than that depending on the volume of orders received. Priority is given in order of confirmed payment, so if paying via modes other than Paypal (which I will be notified of via email), kindly send proof of payment (deposit slip, remittance receipt) to determine your order of priority.

Q:     What payment options do you accept?

A:     I accept Paypal, Bank Deposit & certain Remittance Centers. Credit card payments via Paypal are also accepted.

Q:     How are readings by Personal Appointments done?

A:     As I have a day job, meet-ups for readings are from 5 pm onwards in Trinoma Mall, Quezon City during weekdays. My schedule is more flexible during the weekends and other meeting venues within Quezon City may be accommodated by mutual agreement. Contact me at yael.alchemy@gmail.com to determine availability.

Only lengthier readings such as the General Reading + 3Qs, Insight Reading, Infinity Spread for Twin Flames, Multiverse Spread for Twin Flames, as well as Soul Coaching Sessions 30 mins. and above are eligible for Personal Appointments.

Q:     Are your readings scary?

A:     In a nutshell, no. I do not forebode gloom and doom in my readings. If the outcome of your reading is opposite your desires, I will deliver the message in as gentle a way possible. At the end of every reading, as always, you have Free Will to follow or ignore guidance of Spirit.

Q:     How do I phrase my question?

A:     The clarity of the answer largely depends on how your question is phrased. It is said, "Ask and you shall receive." Think of the most important thing you would like to know regarding your connection/situation and phrase your question accordingly. While I do not need to know the nitty gritty details of your situation, providing some context is helpful but not necessary.

Q:     How often should I have a reading?

A:     Go with your guidance. Clients often have monthly, bi-weekly or weekly readings, depending on the complexity of the spread, in order to give the energies time to play out. It is often best to be mindful that readings are dynamic and not stagnant. Since readings often concern other people who also have Free Will, their energies may change direction at any given time they specify a preference or another course of action. When you are prompted for a reading, it is often a sign that there is something you have to know.

Q:     I am a Local Philippine Resident. How do I avail of the discount?

A:     CLICK HERE to see discounted rates for Local Philippine Residents. Once you have picked out a reading, I can either send you a Paypal invoice with the discounted rate or send details on how to make payment via bank deposit or remittance center.

Local Philippine Residents are those who reside within the Philippines and earn in the local currency.

Q:     Do you refuse clients?

A:     I reserve the right to refuse clients, as I am guided. Healing and manifesting is a process, not an overnight miracle solution. When a client refuses to listen to Higher Guidance and then goes on to "shoot the messenger", then we will have to part ways. The same applies if I sense that your getting in touch with me is based on motivations other than to help or heal you. Other times, it will be a logistics and/or scheduling problem and I will be unable to attend to you.

If you have already paid and any of the above happens, no worries, I will refund your payment promptly and still wish you well along your personal journey.