Have you ever been infused directly with the "Life Force Energy", otherwise known as Chi or Prana? Reiki is the essence of Life Energy guided by Divine Love and Wisdom of Source. You may be struggling with physical ailments, a long standing medical condition, general lethargy or lack of energy in life, or you may be bogged down by emotional or karmic blocks that you may not even be aware of. Reiki is an energy healing system that can help you heal.

Reiki energy is very intelligent and goes wherever you may need healing. It is, in essence, "Love guided by God", and I am merely the channel by which you receive it. All that is needed on your part is an intent to be healed.

Rejuvenate from within and receive the gift of God's Grace through Reiki. With the help of Archangel Raphael in conjunction with Divine Healing Codes gifted by Mother Mary to humanity, your healing begins.

All Reiki Sessions come with a pre-session consultation to gain better context on what needs to be healed and what Divine Healing Codes are to be used during the session. In a Distance Healing Reiki Session, I send the Reiki healing energy to the your Guardian Angels for them to dispense when you are ready to receive the healing. On my end, I do the Reiki session for the amount of time that is purchased. When the session is over, any insight or intuitive messages received during the session will be passed on to you. These are meant to empower you to play an active role in your own healing process. At your own pace and time, you may then tell your Guardian Angels that you are ready to accept the healing from the Reiki session and ask to be healed. Should you forget to ask your Guardian Angels, it not a cause for concern because your Guardian Angels will dispense the healing to you when you are ready to receive it as well.

It is best to receive the Reiki healing energy when it is quiet and free of distraction for you to better sense the energies being delivered. Do this for the same amount of time that you have booked. Others prefer receiving the energy in silence, but relaxing music may be played in the background as well. You may sit or lay down, as long as you are in a comfortable position. Once you are ready to receive the energy, just relax. You may experience varied sensations during this time which may include visions, sensations of heat or cold, or even nothing at all. If the latter is the case with you, no worries because Reiki will still know where to go. At the conclusion of the session, make sure to drink lots of water and try to keep a light diet for the next several days to better incorporate the energy and help it in eliminating toxins in your body and energy field.

Make sure to check out the FAQs to learn more. Due to the nature of the service provided, all sales are final.

Distance Reiki Healing - 15 mins.

$ 22 USD

Distance Reiki Healing - 30 mins.

$ 44 USD

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Distance Reiki Healing - 45 mins.

$ 66 USD

Distance Reiki Healing - 60 mins.

$ 88 USD

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Reading & Reiki Package

$ 99 USD

This package consists of a 45-minute reading using the Insight Spread followed by a 45-minute Reiki Distance Healing session.


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