Q:     What are your credentials to give Reiki Healing to others?

A:     I am a certified Reiki Master/Teacher in Reiki Ryoho (Usui Reiki), Ascension Reiki and Reiju Reiki.

Reiki Ryoho
Shoden - (Reiki I - 1st Degree Practitioner)
Okuden - (Reiki II - 2nd Degree Practitioner)
Shinpiden - (Reiki III - 3rd Degree Master Practitioner)
Shihan - (Reiki IV - 4th Degree Reiki Master and Teacher)

Ascension Reiki
Reiki Master and Teacher of 1st - 10th Degrees of Ascension Reiki

Reiju Reiki
Master/Teacher of the One - Tao Great
Master/Teacher of the Two - Spirit of Tao Great: Radharani & Krishna
Master/Teacher of the Three - The Soul, Mind and Body of Tao Great: Uma & Brahman - Yasodhara & Buddha - Miriam & Yeshua
Master/Teacher of the Seven Spirits of Tao Great: Hope, Faith, Love, OM, Christ, Holy Spirit & God

Q:     Who can receive Reiki Healing?

A:     Everyone can receive Reiki Healing, not only with those who have physical ailments. A Reiki Session can benefit those who have psychological and behavioral problems, those who have disabilities or are not that mobile and cannot fully participate in physical activities or full-on social interaction with others, those who have relationship difficulties, those who are experiencing undue amounts of stress in the workplace or in life, pregnant women, seniors, and even pets!

Q:     Can I purchase a Reiki Healing Session and gift it to someone else?

A:     Yes, you may, as long as you indicate at the time of purchase that it is to be given as a gift and the name and email address of your intended recipient. Once you have purchased a session to gift to someone else, I will do the session and send the Reiki healing to your giftee's Guardian Angel for them to receive when they are most ready to receive it.  Gift Reiki Healing Sessions may be claimed within six (6) months of purchase.

Q:     Why should I purchase a Reiki Healing Session for my pet?

A:     Pets are very sensitive to energy and an imbalance of energy around them can unduly stress them out which often results in them acting out or becoming fearful and nervous. Senior pets or disabled pets are not as mobile or active anymore and have no outlet to release their energy which also causes an imbalance. During instances like these, Reiki helps, especially since our beloved companions cannot really tell us what they're going through. Other pet parents simply want to give their furkids an "energetic tune-up" and return that boost of Unconditional Love they always receive from their pets.

When purchasing a Reiki Healing Session for your pet, please send the name and picture of your pet, to better connect the energy with.

Q:     How do I receive the Distance Reiki Healing?

A:     I send the Reiki healing energy to the your Guardian Angels for them to dispense when you are ready to receive the healing.  On my end, I do the Reiki session for the amount of time that is purchased.  When the session is over, any insight or intuitive messages received during the session will be passed on to you. These are meant to empower you to play an active role in your own healing process. The turnaround time for your Reiki Report is 3-7 days but, as always, I will endeavor to get it to you as soon as possible. Once you have received the Report, at your own pace and time, you may then tell your Guardian Angels that you are ready to accept the healing from the Reiki session and ask to be healed. Should you forget to ask your Guardian Angels, it not a cause for concern because your Guardian Angels will dispense the healing to you when you are ready to receive it as well.

Q:     What can I expect to experience during a Reiki Healing Session?

A:     The sensations that clients experience during the session are varied and include visions, sensations of heat or cold, or even nothing at all. If the latter is the case with you, no worries because Reiki will still know where to go.

Q:     I did not feel anything during the Reiki Session. How do I know that it works?

A:     Each person receives what they need during the Reiki session. As you surrender to the process of Reiki, you learn through patience to trust that healing is taking place even if you are not aware of it at that particular time. Always remember that Reiki is the method by which God’s Light, Love and Wisdom flows from Heaven to Earth for the healing of all humanity.

Q:     Should I stop medication after I receive a Reiki Healing?

A:     No. Continue with your medication as directed by your physician. Reiki Healing will complement traditional Western medicine and not supplant it.

Q:     I am already under a doctor's care. Why should I still get Reiki?

A:     While Western Medicine troubleshoots your physical body, your entire being is composed of more than just the physical. Oftentimes, a physical ailment is already the manifestation of an underlying condition having to do with bogged down energy centers (chakras) or emotional and karmic blocks. By making sure that these are "tuned-up", like an engine of a car, you give yourself the tools to heal better on the physical level.

Q:     Can I undergo Reiki Healing just to relax?

A:     Yes. It is not required that you have a physical ailment to receive "Love guided by God". In fact, Reiki sessions are highly recommended for stress relief as you are infused with the Life Force and do not make use of your already depleted energy. Moreover, a full body hands-on Reiki Session gives you a glow from within that will rival beauty treatments that merely focus on the exterior.

Q:     Will one Reiki Session be enough for me to expect results?

A:     It depends on what you wish to be healed from. That is similar to asking whether or not the tan you gained while sunbathing during the weekend will last forever. Listen to your body and go with your guidance on this one.

Q:     I wish to receive the Gift of Reiki Healing. Do you also give Reiki Attunements?

A:     Not currently, but soon. Stay tuned.