I am Yael

Starseed Angelic from Lyra, Illumined Golden Blue Ray Twin Flame, member of the Order of the Violet Flame, Claircognizant, Healer, Light Worker, and harbinger of Divine Justice.

Part of my Twin Flame mission is to help clients heal, learn, and come into their knowing about the purpose of their relationships, the physical and emotional challenges they encounter in life, and how to manifest the best possible outcome for their highest good. Incarnated Twin Flames are here in the now to help raise the vibration of Love and Unity on the planet as we carry the lost ray of the Light Worker and the spark of Unconditional Love. As a Golden Blue Ray Twin Flame, I anchor high frequency energies of all colors of divine rays into the grid of the planet, to facilitate our awakening and remembrance of Love from Source.

Through readings, I channel the guidance of Ascended Masters, my Higher Self and Spiritual Team to help you on your path. Through Reiki, I channel Life Energy guided by The Divine Love and Wisdom of Source to help you energetically heal and replenish yourself from what ails you physically, emotionally and karmically.